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Raptor Mining at the Honduran Mining Conference

Raptor Mining featured at the Honduran Mining Conference to talk about the Minamata Convention on mercury

Raptor Mining recently featured at an important Honduran Mining conference. The conference devoted a significant amount of time to discussing the Minamata Convention and how it applies to the mining industry. The Minamata Convention on Mercury is an international treaty intended to protect people and the environment from the harm caused by exposure to mercury. The chairman of the international committee overseeing the Minamata Convention, Fernando Lugris, was in attendance. As a pioneer and leader in sustainable mining, Raptor shared its vision for Honduras, Latin America, and the world.

Raptor Mining’s 4-Year Journey

Raptor Mining’s 4-Year Journey

An Extensive Look into Raptor Mining’s 4-Year Journey to Becoming the First Mercury Recovery Plant in Honduras.

From birth the instinct moves us forward. 4 years ago we traveled to Honduras. We visited a place called El Corpus, where artisanal mining is carried out. It is here that our great story begins. We started investing. Taking samples to calculate the danger that the miner and others living in this municipality, are being exposed to. What we found led us on a mission to recover toxic mercury and revolutionize the mining industry with a health conscious approach.

Raptor Mining’s objective is to create a positive change by reinventing the process of mining and to extend the life of the environment and the people who live there, in a matter which does not compromise the lifestyle and cultural sensibilities of their lives.

Learn more about our success and the construction of the very first mercury recovery plant in Honduras.

Raptor Mining Meeting Rossana Guevara Gallery2
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Raptor Mining Meets with Honduras Second Presidential Designate Rossana Guevara

Sharing a Vision of a Beautiful Future for Honduras with Rossana Guevara

Last month, Raptor Mining had the opportunity to meet with Rossana Guevara, the second Presidential Designate of Honduras. During a very productive meeting, we shared our vision for a cleaner and safer Honduras and discussed how the first mercury recovery plant being constructed in El Corpus will help to achieve that.

Raptor Mining embraces this opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial and impactful relationship with Honduras and its people for many years to come.

Presenting Our Vision

We take great pride in the fact that we recently broke ground and commenced construction of our new 27-acre mining facility in El Corpus Honduras, which started construction in May. Our facility will include the main plant, offices for administrative staff, and an area for employee services. This facility will aim to provide numerous benefits to our workers to make their lives easier, such as:

  • Company Provided Meals
  • On-Site Company Physician
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Child Care
  • Laundering Facilities
  • And More…

Our projected completion date for the facility will be in late 2017, with the plant being fully operational and running on all cylinders by January 1, 2018.

We look forward to providing life changing benefits and employment opportunities to the people of El Corpus Honduras. We will also be heading up various infrastructure projects within the community through our nonprofit organization, Step Up for Honduras, which we anticipate will increase the quality of life for the community members. Raptor Mining embraces this opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial and impactful relationship with Honduras and its people for many years to come.

Raptor Mining Begins Construction
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Raptor Mining Begins Construction on First Mercury Recovery Plant in Honduras

Using technology to create opportunities, strengthen communities and put an end to poisoning the environment.

On May 2, 2017 Raptor Mining broke ground in El Corpus, Honduras to construct a 27-acre facility which will be the first mercury recovery plant in Honduras. This pilot project, spearheaded by Ernie Valle, is the first of its kind but is invaluable to the future of Honduran people and their environment. Once constructed, the new Raptor Mining plant will receive all the land material that has been contaminated for many years, and we will recycle it, extract the mercury and harvest the minerals.

Currently used artisanal mining practices create vast amounts of waste which destroys the environment and is detrimental to the health of the local communities. That’s why our team is working around the clock to bring this vision to life by January 2018, and provide the people of Honduras with a future full of opportunities in a much cleaner and safer environment.

With the success of this plant, Raptor Mining can continue to expand to different areas of need, and provide the resources to improve schools and medical facilities, while strengthening the community as a whole.

Raptor Mining Awarded Concession

Raptor Mining Awarded Concession to Clean Up in Honduras

At Raptor Mining we pride ourselves on being the leading company in Honduras capable of recovering gold and mercury through our equipment and technology, and we take this responsibility seriously. Our commitment to help relieve the impact of mining-related environmental hazards, and to setting a new standard for eco-friendly mining, has paid off in a big way.

That’s why we are so proud to announce that Raptor Mining has been granted a 15 year concession in the city of El Corpus, Honduras, for the environmental cleanup of mercury from the soil, streams, creeks, and rivers. This concession is the first of its kind in this country and it’s an opportunity to improve things in a big way.

We greatly appreciate the support and faith that has been bestowed upon us and we can’t wait to begin the cleanup of this fantastic city.


Hazards of Traditional Gold Mining and Processing

Intoxication and Death Caused by Mercury and Artisanal Mining

Raptor Mining Equipment Testing a Success

Raptor Mining Equipment is Approved for Operation

For the months of August, our Raptor Mining team was in Riggins, Idaho testing our equipment before our trip to Honduras. After making some minor adjustments and modifications to perfect our Mercury recovery system, we are ready to go with full confidence. We would like to thank the local miners and businesses of Riggins, Idaho U.S.A. for all the help and hospitality.

Raptor Mining is an eco-friendly mining company devoted to using environmentally safe practices to profitably and safely recover gold and mercury from Honduras while sharing profits with the local communities where we operate.

Meeting With Carlos Pineda Fasquelle
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Our Meeting with Carlos Pineda Fasquelle

This year has been a great one for Raptor Mining as we continue to find supporters in Honduras who share our vision of Mercury-Free Mining. At our recent Q&A and presentation event, we had the pleasure of meeting with Carlos Pineda Fasquelle, Deputy Minister of Environment, Mines and Energy. Like us he wishes to find various alternatives so there’s safe mining to protect the community and his personal heritage.

Raptor Mining aims to change the unfortunate circumstances created by artisanal and small-scale mining. We hope to achieve this through raising awareness and education to empower and enable the people in these communities to maintain a better standard of living without sacrificing their health.

Raptor Mining and El Corpus Clean Up Project

Environmental Clean Up in El Corpus, Honduras

This September, Raptor Mining had the honor of signing the contract for the very FIRST environmental mercury cleanup project in the entire municipality of El Corpus, Department of Choluteca.

El Corpus is a mining town made up of 17 villages which have all been decimated by the effects of artisanal mining practices.  These traditional methods use mercury which destroys the environment and the health of the local communities.

Raptor Mining is an eco-friendly mining company devoted to using environmentally safe practices to profitably and safely recover gold and mercury from Honduras while sharing profits with the local communities where we operate.

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Raptor Mining Mentioned in ICMJ’s Prospecting and Mining Journal


By: Scott Harn

I wrote a two-part article about Ernie Valle back in our August 2015 and October 2015 issues titled, “From Curiosity to Mine Owner,” and there have been some new developments.

Ernie is a contractor by trade who caught the gold bug when a brother’s friend showed him a vial of gold that came from his family’s mine in Honduras. He traveled to Honduras for a first-hand look and found the miners were using primitive methods to recover gold from acres of tailings at a historic lode mine, including handling mercury amalgam with their bare hands. He eventually reached an agreement with the mine owners to receive a portion of the profits in exchange for developing a safer and more efficient method of extracting gold from the ore.

He set out on a mission to learn everything he could about recovering gold from this type of operation, which led him to our magazine. Ernie soon found himself at the Introduction to Underground Mining Class we held as part of our Gold Prospecting and Mining Summit back in 2014. He traveled extensively, visiting our various advertisers to explore equipment options. He had one ton of the ore bagged up and shipped to his home in California for testing recovery processes.

Ernie purchased the necessary equipment and set up a crushing circuit. He eventually settled on a method of smelting the concentrates to recover the values and took his knowledge and equipment to Honduras. He had problems getting his equipment and supplies through customs, and a substantial amount of time and money were the only solutions.

The operation was finally up and running, but it took a few trips to get it running properly and keep it running.

During this adventure, Ernie was approached by many other Honduran miners who wanted him to visit their sites and help them set up safer, more efficient operations, but he had to address the problems of government corruption and graft first. This led to a series of meetings with government officials, including the top officials at the Honduras Ministry of Energy, Natural Resources, Environment and Mines.

Specific details were laid out to help him get future shipments of equipment and supplies through customs quickly and efficiently and an agreement was reached. Ernie would set up a regional processing operation where miners would bring their ore for processing. Mercury would be removed and contained when present, and Ernie would get a portion of the gold.

Things have moved quickly. Other processes have been set up to separate free-milling gold from non-sulfide ores without the use of mercury, and to recover and remove mercury from contaminated ores.

Ernie educated himself about hard rock mining and processing, acquired the necessary equipment, set up a test circuit, and shipped equipment and supplies to Honduras. He had meetings with Honduran officials at all levels, set up a new corporation called Raptor Mining in El Corpus, Honduras, and is in the process of establishing a non-profit called “Step Up for Honduras.” All of this has taken place within the past two years.

The non-profit will help Hondurans retrieve gold while avoiding mercury contamination and provide funds for schools and needed infrastructure.

Ernie has been a very busy man.